Camping Trips

Each year around 40+ members enjoy a week away in early June and a three-day weekend break in early September staying at campsites, often in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), including the Welsh Coastline, Teesdale, Northumberland, Devon, Brecon Beacons, Yorkshire and Derbyshire Dales and many other stunning locations.

All campsites are carefully selected with organised options of walks of different grades, checked out and led by experienced leaders. On the June camp, five walking days are arranged with Wednesday set aside as a free day. Many members do not walk all five days – it’s up to you- it’s your holiday! On the September camp we have three walking days. After walks we often enjoy “happy hour” at the campsite relaxing with cups of tea and cake, and on one evening we enjoy a meal out together as a group.

Camping is not as it used to be! With modern equipment and good campsite facilities, camping is becoming increasingly popular. So, if you have a tent, caravan or campervan, and whether you are a seasoned camper or beginner, why not join us and become part of a fun, exciting and growing activity of our Club?
Spaces are limited, but non- campers have the option of finding local accommodation and joining walks, at the discretion of the camp organiser.

Please see the current full programme for details.

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