GDPR Policy

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
Chester Rambling and Hill Walking Club Policy Statement

New rules about data protection, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), came into force in May 2018.

Chester Rambling and Hill Walking Club holds specific and necessary contact information which has been given to us by its members on application for membership to the Club. This information consists of postal address (so we can send out the Club programme to members twice a year), email address (to notify members of changes to walks, reminders about Social events etc) and telephone numbers (to ensure quick communication where necessary).

The Club holds members’ contact information on a Membership List and email contact list, both of which are managed by the Club’s Membership Secretary. Any changes in personal information should be brought to the attention of the Membership Secretary in order for the Club to comply with its need to keep accurate and current data regarding its members.

The Club uses members’ contact information for its activities. Officers of the Club all need, from time to time, to collect, manage or use members’ personal data to help them fulfil their roles in carrying out the objectives of the Club. Officers of the Club hold members’ personal data securely and confidentially, and only for the time period required for the Club event or activity. The Club does not share personal data with third parties.

Photographs of members are also considered a type of personal data. Photographs are published on our Website and on our Facebook, because we need to showcase our activities as part of our effort to attract new members, and to ensure our continuance as a viable and flourishing Club. The Web Officer and the Facebook Administrators are responsible for compliance with GDPR, so Club members should adhere to the following guidance:

• Photographs of one or two members, where they are the main focus and/or are easily identifiable, are acceptable if the individuals have specifically agreed to the photograph being published on our Website or Facebook.
• Staged photographs of members grouped together are acceptable if the individuals in the group are willing for the photograph to appear on the Website or Facebook. Members taking such photographs should make clear to the group, before the photograph is taken, that it may be published, thus giving individuals the choice to either stay in the group or withdraw.
• Photographs that are candid, having been taken possibly without members’ knowledge, but where members are not easily identifiable, are acceptable. Only candid photographs are used in publicity material such as the Wirral or Cheshire Walking Festivals.
• A member has the right to request a photograph be taken down off our Website or Facebook.

January 2019

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